Ensure have recently completed a bespoke Permit Application to the EA for a combined Green Waste Composting and Biomass operation on a farm estate in Kent.

The facility accepts green waste and virgin clean round wood from tree works contractors across North West Kent. This is sorted, shred and composted to provide the estate with compost and soil improver to replace chemical fertiliser input in this Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

Collected roundwood and is chipped and dried for use in 2 Biomass boilers that provide CHP to other businesses on the Estate and the farm grain dryer.

Ensure worked with DHA of Maidstone through the planning process and then carried out the Permit Application and helped address the outstanding planning conditions.

Key issues included:

  • Aquifer risk assessment and protection,
  • Air quality and bioaerosol risks and management,
  • Amenity issues,
  • Noise
  • Fire and Emergency risk
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Health, Safety and Incident assessment
  • Environmental Management Systems for site and operations