Ensure are experienced in the investigation, reclamation and restoration of degraded or contaminated land, including landfills, quarries, mine sites and oil and gas facilities in the UK, Europe and Africa.

Ensure provide expertise in the sustainable reclamation and reuse of contaminated sites associated with historic industrial use, including mines, waste disposal, oil and gas operations from wells and pipelines to refineries, plus heavy industry and military activity.

We have particular experience and expertise in quarry and landfill restoration, reclamation and re-use, whether for development, renewable energy or habitat creation. Recent projects have included the opportunities for Mine Heat Recovery and renewable energy generation from brownfield sites including spoil and landfill sites.

We  also have experience of addressing both the environmental and social issues of mine closure and mine reclamation for both open pit and deep mines, as well as the planning for operational mines where closure and reclamation have not been addressed. This includes the issues relating to long term management of waste dumps and tailing dams, legacy issues from closed pits and the implementation of restoration plans.  

Our scope can include habitat creation and conservation grazing applications to reduce operational costs, improve biodiversity and Natural Capital enhancement, both for the UK and internationally.

Ensure have long standing expertise in contaminated land assessment (Phase 1), investigation (Phase 2) and remediation, including the use of low cost and sustainable remedial techniques both in the UK and internationally. This includes the provision of brownfield development and regeneration expertise through to Expert Witness services for Public Inquiries and hearings.

We have particular expertise in the investigation, clean up, remediation and management of:

  • hydrocarbon spills and contamination, whether from current or historic activity;
  • the management of issues associated with old landfill;
  • issues relating to Ministry of Defence sites;
  • port related contamination, including silts and dredging operation impacts;
  • mine contamination, whether mine waste and water, tailing dams and leach pads to post closure;

Our partners also include specific experts in Landfill fires and the issues relating to PFOA /PFAS contamination.

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