Ensure provide coastal and marine environmental services for both near shore and deep water projects around the UK and Internationally.

With our range of partners in the UK and Internationally, Ensure have the experience to support coastal and deep water developments:

Our services cover:

  • Estuarine and port related surveys of environmental conditions, silt contamination and geotechnics;
  • Particular expertise in former Defence and Naval facilities and the associated issues;
  • Environmental assessment of dredging proposals, whether capital or maintenance, including dredgings disposal sites;
  • Environmental planning and permitting for reworking dredging disposal facilities for secondary aggregate recovery;
  • Environmental Planning for Port related development, including new wharves, jetties, dolphins and marina;
  • Offshore renewable energy environmental assessment (tidal, wave and wind);
  • Offshore minerals - whether marine aggregates or deep water seabed mining;

With our UK and international partners we can also provide full engineering support for onshore coastal developments, including port expansion, waterfront regeneration and new facilities such as wharves, docks and marina development.

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