The Ensure team includes environmental specialists and oil industry experts with the benefit of real E&P experience from the drill floor to the Board Room, for both onshore and offshore drilling in the UK and Africa. We have in depth experience of onshore UK exploration and production, including the environmental, planning and social challenges of gaining consent to operate.

This cross discipline experience enables us to provide an effective interface between the Exploration and Drilling teams and the HSE or environmental team tasked with gaining the necessary regulatory consents and social licence to operate. Our expertise enables us to support both onshore and offshore exploration and production from seismic data gathering, through exploratory drilling and appraisal to the development of production facilities. 

Onshore experience includes the seismic route and drill site selection, environmental assessment and public consultation relating to the development of well pads for conventional exploration drilling, appraisal and production in the UK, Africa and Europe. Our onshore drilling experience makes us uniquely well placed to present and address the issues of concern for local residents and other key stakeholders, whether for conventional wells or hydraulic fracturing. 

We work closely with development engineers, whether in-house or EPC, to integrate the environmental and social assessment processes into the project design and development. This helps to ensure that critical stakeholder issues are not missed in the internal stage gateway or Investment Decision process.

  • Environmental Planning and Permitting for onshore exploration including unconventional;
  • Public and stakeholder consultation built on real operational understanding:
  • ESIA for onshore and offshore from seismic to production -UK and International;
  • Interface Manager for onshore E&P  - whether internal or with EPC's
  • ENVID support
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) development and training
  • Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (IESC) for third party assessment and investors/funders and regulators
  • Waste management including mud's, cuttings and NORM issues - both in UK and Africa;

We have growing expertise in facility decommissioning for offshore, nearshore and onshore plant, including environmental permitting, regulatory compliance and operational supervision. This includes comprehensive experience in hydrocarbon clean up and remediation of historic surface and sub surface contamination.

Energy Transition and TCFD Alignment

We also provide support and guidance in the realignment of Oil and Gas companies in the move towards a more sustainable energy future.  This includes guidance on the adoption of Energy Transition plans, opportunities for geothermal energy and heat recovery, carbon mitigation and TCFD aligned reporting

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