Ensure provide EIA, ESIA and SEA management, delivery and review services for both onshore and offshore developments, whether infrastructure, mining, oil and gas,  or agriculture. Our network of Subject Matter Experts and on the ground local partners in  the UK, Europe and Africa enable us to provide independent but integrated support for projects in the UK and internationally. We work closely with clients and their in-house and external teams to ensure that schemes progress as smoothly and as sustainably as possible.

We have experience of providing Environmental and Social assessment and mitigation for projects in the UK, Europe and Africa, for sectors including:

  • Agriculture - from intensive agriculture to land reclamation after impacts from mineral extraction, to sustainable use of composts and wastes including sewage sludge and paper mill wastes;
  • Oil and Gas, both onshore and offshore, including associated infrastructure;
  • Mining and associated infrastructure, including closure and reclamation;
  • Energy facility development including renewable's - solar, hydro, geothermal and wind together with energy from waste,
  • Coastal development and Ports, including dredging and land reclamation;
  • Linear infrastructure - roads, rail, transmission lines and pipelines
  • Waste management - full range of facilities from landfill through waste transfer and MRF to advanced energy from waste and resource recovery;

Our Subject Matter Experts bring internationally recognised expertise on Social issues including Resettlement Action Plans for diverse developments in Africa, the Far East and South America,

We provide ESIA services that are specifically developed to meet the growing range of International criteria, especially those that relate to World Bank and IFC Performance Standards. Our local partners provide strong local content and local regulatory understanding, all to International standards, and in a structure that does not carry large corporate overheads.  This gives clients the best of both worlds with International expertise at local prices, delivered with a UK presence.

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